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Septièmes post-actes

Bruno Pinaud, Fabrice Guillet, Bruno Cremilleux, Cyril de Runz (Eds.)
« Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Management, Volume 7 »,
Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence,
Vol. 732, 2018, Springer.
ISBN: 978-3-319-65405-8, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-65406-5.

About this book

This book is a collection of representative and novel works in the field of data mining, knowledge discovery, clustering and classification. Discussing both theoretical and practical aspects of “Knowledge Discovery and Management” (KDM), it is intended for researchers interested in these fields, including PhD and MSc students, and researchers from public or private laboratories.

The contributions included are extended and reworked versions of six of the best papers that were originally presented in French at the EGC’2016 conference held in Reims (France) in January 2016. This was the 16th edition of this successful conference, which takes place each year, and also featured workshops and other events with the aim of promoting exchanges between researchers and companies concerned with KDM and its applications in business, administration, industry and public organizations. For more details about the EGC society, please consult

Table des matières

  • Céline Alec, Chantal Reynaud-Delaître and Brigitte Safar:
    Combined Approach for Ontology Enrichment from Textual and OpenData. 1-21
  • Amadou Fall Dia, Zakia Kazi-Aoul, Aliou Boly and Yousra Chabchoub:
    C-SPARQL Extension for Sampling RDF Graphs Streams. 19-38
  • Thomas Guyet, Yves Moinard, René Quiniou and Torsten Schaub:
    Efficiency Analysis of ASP Encodings for Sequential Pattern Mining Tasks. 41-81
  • Sathiya Prabhu Kumar, Sylvain Lefebvre, Raja Chiky and Olivier Hermant:
    Consistency-Latency Trade-Off of the LibRe Protocol: A Detailed Stud. 83-108
  • Rabih Taleb, Rabah Mazouzi, Lynda Seddiki, Cyril de Runz, Kevin Guelton and Herman Akdag:
    A Fault Detection Approach for Robotic Systems Combining the Data Obtained from Sensor Measurements and Linear Observer Based Estimations. 109-125
  • Andrés Troya-Galvis, Pierre Gançarski and Laure Berti-Equille:
    A Collaborative Framework for Joint Segmentation and Classification of Remote Sensing Images. 127-145

Actes Ateliers EGC 2018

Organisateurs : Camille Kurtz, Nicolas Loménie

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Sixièmes post-actes

Fabrice Guillet, Bruno Pinaud, Gilles Venturini and Djamel Abdelkader Zighed (eds),
« Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Management, Volume 6 »,
Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence,
Vol. 665, 2017, Springer.
ISBN: 978-3-319-45762-8, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-45763-5.

About this book

This book presents a collection of representative and novel work in the field of data mining, knowledge discovery, clustering and classification, based on expanded and reworked versions of a selection of the best papers originally presented in French at the EGC 2014 and EGC 2015 conferences held in Rennes (France) in January 2014 and Luxembourg in January 2015. The book is in three parts: The first four chapters discuss optimization considerations in data mining. The second part explores specific quality measures, dissimilarities and ultrametrics. The final chapters focus on semantics, ontologies and social networks.
Written for PhD and MSc students, as well as researchers working in the field, it addresses both theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge discovery and management.

Table des matières

Part I – Mining Data with Optimization

  • Carine Hue, Marc Boullé, Vincent Lemaire:
    Online Learning of a Weighted Selective Naive Bayes Classifier with Non-convex Optimization. 3-17
  • Hélène Jaudoin, Pierre Nerzic, Olivier Pivert, Daniel Rocacher:
    On Making Skyline Queries Resistant to Outliers. 19-38
  • Pierre-Francois Marteau, Sylvie Gibet, Clément Reverdy:
    Adaptive Down-Sampling and Dimension Reduction in Time Elastic Kernel Machines for Efficient Recognition of Isolated Gestures. 39-59
  • Arnaud Soulet, François Rioult:
    Exact and Approximate Minimal Pattern Mining. 61-81

Part II — Quality Measures, Dissimilarities and Ultrametrics

  • Rafik Abdesselam, Fatima-Zahra Aazi:
    Comparison of Proximity Measures for a Topological Discrimination. 85-99
  • Patricia Conde-Céspedes, Jean-François Marcotorchino, Emmanuel Viennet:
    Comparison of Linear Modularization Criteria Using the Relational Formalism, an Approach to Easily Identify Resolution Limit. 101-120
  • Jean-Charles Lamirel, Pascal Cuxac, Kafil Hajlaoui:
    A Novel Approach to Feature Selection Based on Quality Estimation Metrics. 121-140
  • Dan A. Simovici, Rosanne Vetro, Kaixun Hua:
    Ultrametricity of Dissimilarity Spaces and Its Significance for Data Mining. 141-155

Part III — Semantics, Ontologies, and Social Networks

  • Bissan Audeh, Philippe Beaune, Michel Beigbeder:
    SMERA: Semantic Mixed Approach for Web Query Expansion and Reformulation. 159-180
  • Thomas Dietenbeck, Fakhri Torkhani, Ahlem Othmani, Marco Attene, Jean-Marie Favreau:
    Multi-layer Ontologies for Integrated 3D Shape Segmentation and Annotation. 181-206
  • Thomas Hecht, Patrice Buche, Juliette Dibie, Liliana Ibanescu, Cassia Trojahn dos Santos:
    Ontology Alignment Using Web Linked Ontologies as Background Knowledge. 207-227
  • Gianluca Quercini, Nacéra Bennacer, Mohammad Ghufran, Coriane Nana Jipmo:
    LIAISON: reconciLIAtion of Individuals Profiles Across SOcial Networks. 229-253
  • Erick Stattner, Martine Collard:
    Clustering of Links and Clustering of Nodes: Fusion of Knowledge in Social Networks. 255-276

Actes Ateliers EGC 2017

Fabien L. Gandon, Gilles Bisson

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