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Bruno Pinaud, Fabrice Guillet,  Fabien Gandon, Christine Largeron (Eds.)
« Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Management, Volume 8 »,
Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence,
Vol. 834, 2019, Springer.
ISBN: 978-3-030-18128-4, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-18129-1.

About this book

This book highlights novel research in Knowledge Discovery and Management (KDM), gathering the extended, peer-reviewed versions of outstanding papers presented at the annual conferences EGC’2017 & EGC’2018. The EGC conference cycle was founded by the International French-speaking EGC society (“Extraction et Gestion des Connaissances”) in 2003, and has since become a respected fixture among the French-speaking community. In addition to the annual conference, the society organizes various other events in order to promote exchanges between researchers and companies concerned with KDM and its applications to business, administration, industry and public organizations.

Addressing novel research in data science, semantic Web, clustering, and classification, the content presented here will chiefly benefit researchers interested in these fields, including Ph.D./M.Sc. students, at public and private laboratories alike..

Table des matières

  • Aichetou Bouchareb, Marc Boullé, Fabrice Clérot, Fabrice Rossi:
    Model Based Co-clustering of Mixed Numerical and Binary Data. 3-22
  • Aichetou Bouchareb, Marc Boullé, Fabrice Clérot, Fabrice Rossi:
    Co-clustering Based Exploratory Analysis of Mixed-Type Data Tables . 23-41
  • Julien Hay, Tim Van de Cruys, Philippe Muller, Bich-Liên Doan, Fabrice Popineau, Ouassim Ait-Elhara:
    Automatically Selecting Complementary Vector Representations for Semantic Textual Similarity. 45-60
  • Gildas Tagny Ngompé, Sébastien Harispe, Guillaume Zambrano, Jacky Montmain, Stéphane Mussard:
    Detecting Sections and Entities in Court Decisions Using HMM and CRF Graphical Models. 61-86
  • Yann Dauxais, David Gross-Amblard, Thomas Guyet, André Happe:
    Discriminant Chronicle Mining. 89-118
  • Anne Toulet, Emmanuel Roux, Anne-Élisabeth Laques, Éric Delaître, Laurent Demagistri, Isabelle Mougenot:
    A Semantic-Based Approach for Landscape Identification. 119-136
  • Jean-Christophe Dubois, Laetitia Gros, Mouloud Kharoune, Yolande Le Gall, Arnaud Martin, Zoltan Miklos et al.:
    Measuring the Expertise of Workers for Crowdsourcing Applications. 139-157
  • Benjamin Costé, Cyril Ray, Gouenou Coatrieux:
    Trust Assessment for the Security of Information Systems. 159-181