Neuvièmes post-actes

Rakia Jaziri, Arnaud Martin, Marie-Christine Rousset, Lydia Boudjelou-Assala, Fabrice Guillet (Eds.)

« Advances In Knowledge Discovery and Management, Volume 9 »,
Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence,
Vol. 1004, 2022, Springer.
ISBN: 978-3-030-90287-2, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-90287-2.

About this book

This book is a collection of high scientific novel contributions addressing several of these challenges. These articles are extended versions of a selection of the best papers that were initially presented at the French-speaking conferences EGC’2019 held in Metz (France, January 21-25, 2019).
These extended versions have been accepted after an additional peer-review process among papers already accepted in long format at the conference. Concerning the conference, the long and short papers selection were also the result of a double blind peer review process among the hundreds of papers initially submitted to each edition of the conference (acceptance rate for long papers is about 25%.

Table des matières

  • Leila Moudjari, Karima Akli-Astouati:
    Construction and Exploitation of an Algerian Corpus for Opinion and Emotion Analysis. 3-23
  • Cédric Lopez, Melissa Mekaoui, Kevin Aubry, Guillaume Tisserant, Hani Guenoune, Mathieu Dodard et al.:
    Recursive Named Entity Recognition. 25-45
  • Lucas Foulon, Christophe Rigotti, Serge Fenet, Denis Jouvin:
    Anomaly Detection Based on Sequence Indexation and CFOF Score Approximation 47-61
  • Robin Allesiardo, Christophe Sauldubois, Fabrice Depaulis, Nicolas Bulteau, Frédéric Chantrel, Erwan Pigneul:
    A Practical Approach to Intelligent Spoken Dialogue for Third-Party Applications on Home Devices with Linear Bandits. 65-76
  • Rokia Missaoui, Abir Messaoudi, Mohamed Hamza Ibrahim, Talel Abdessalem:
    Detecting Communities in Complex Networks Using Formal Concept Analysis. 77-105
  • Yassine Ramdane, Nadia Kabachi, Omar Boussaid, Fadila Bentayeb:
    A Data Mining Approach to Guide the Physical Design of Distributed Big Data Warehouses. 107-125
  • Sylvie Guillaume, Didier Macheboeuf:
    Association Rule Mining to Shortlist Plant Phenolic Compounds Likely to Decrease Methane Emissions by Ruminants. 129-158
  • Jules Leguy, Thomas Cauchy, Béatrice Duval, Benoit Da Mota:
    Predicting Interatomic Distances of Molecular Quantum Chemistry Calculations. 159-174
  • Amirouche Ouzerdine, Agnès Braud, Xavier Dolques, Marianne Huchard, Florence Le Ber:
    Adjusting the Exploration Flow in Relational Concept Analysis. 175-198